Holistic approach to Mental Health & Wellbeing

Intuitively empowering your inner knowledge into

strengths, vision & self mastery. 

I help and support your desire for clarity on what is important to you. How to live in the present moment to create more possibilities in your life for feelings of gratitude, love, fulfillment, joy, and happiness.


Online & Mobile Services
Self Mastery Through Wellbeing 


As we begin or start 2021 - I am offering my services online and as a mobile only service up until we are confirmed to receive all business reopening and patient services resume in full. I hope you understand and support where possible.

Body & Mind coaching integrates NLP & healing modalities that evoke transformations for personal & professional development.  Wellbeing is a gateway for deeper meaning to unlock new ways of living being more fulfilled and balanced.
Wherever you feel the focus should be is where the journey will begin.

PHYSICAL - Emotion / Health
FINANCIAL - Security / Wealth

CAREER - Purpose / Passion
RELATIONS - Strengths / Self Care

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My key coaching or healing services are aligned for clients to:

  • Create Change with Clarity

  • Identify & Release Emotional Blocks

  • Discover & Update Self Sabotage Beliefs

  • Learn Tools / Techniques for Stress

  • Self Mastery through awareness

  • Create a Practice of Self Love

  • Connect with your Warrior Heart

  • Learn about the Mind/Body Connection

  • Align with your Life & Soul Purpose

Wellbeing research supports the structure foundation that it is multi dimensional and so my professional holistic approach to complementary and natural healthcare is created knowing that we are all creative, resourceful & whole. LIFE isn't always about feeling good but virtuously (courage, purpose, devotion), how we respond is one key to our wellbeing. When we feel a sense of balance / fulfilment we have higher levels of wellbeing to those whose wellbeing is from a selective (compartmentalised) restrictive choice (self determination theory). 

Four Focus Areas:

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Online / Mobile

Online Services OPEN
Mobile Services - OPEN
Wellness Space - TBC





Calm the mind and release emotional tensions like stress, anxiety & physical pain. Every session promotes mental health & wellbeing.
Mobile & Distance sessions

Hands on/off


Life Etc.

As a professional Co-Active Coach® the unique holistic approach to life etc. enables you to gain clarity and take action faster and create positive change.

Telephone / Zoom / Mobile services

Oracle - Tarot Readings

Intuitive Energy


Every reading is an opportunity of receiving messages and guidance through insight & understanding. When we connect to our needs and desires we receive information to create clarity offering us life path guidance. I offer Oracle & Tarot card decks to support my intuitive psychic clairvoyant readings.





ThetaHealing technique is based on the idea that the beliefs in a person's conscious and unconscious mind directly impact their emotional well-being, which may impact their physical health.



REIKI & Reading

My first appointment with Stephen was for reiki. I found the session uplifting with spot on intuitive guidance. I was very keen to go back for oracle cards and an intuitive reading which I did online. I felt that it really helped to shift my perception and the messages that I needed to hear came through. Stephen explains things in a very clear but personal way and I highly recommend. Thank you Stephen!

Zoe Eckett

Wellbeing Wanders

Forest Bathing

Coaching & Energy Healing
From 12th April

About Me

My passion & purpose as a warrior is to raise conscious self awareness advocating self mastery. Life & Soul alignment through holistic healing to unlock your potential.


A warrior mindset is a spiritual practice to empower with truth, virtues for yin yang balance. A warrior's body requires unconditional love in their heart & soul. Self mastery includes health and wellbeing mentally, physically and spiritually

‘Wellbeing can be understood as how people feel and how they function, both on a personal and a social level, and how they evaluate their lives as a whole.”(New Economics Foundation).

Life Manual: Warrior of the Light - Paulo Coehlo
*Dr and Master Sha - Self Healing

I could go back in the direction I had come from,
or I could go forward in the direction I intended to go

Cheryl Strayed & Stephen Ellis Mitch


Take My Free Energy Check 

I have created this simple test to provide a mental and emotional check in. This is useful for creating an intention when booking a coaching or healing session. The results are instant and offer an overview of the energy chakra requiring your attention and focus. (Updated October 2020)

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