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The purpose of a reiki session is to realign with the power to heal myself.
To calm, release and let go of stress and emotional tensions.
Together we have the power to heal the world*

Distance Reiki, Meditation
& Healing via zoom
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Intuitive Reading
Oracle Cards

The purpose of a reading is about empowerment, hope, clarity and vision.
Our guides are in us and around us and present. Receive intuitive messages and map put your life & soul path.


Stephen Ellis Mitch 

- Positive change maker

- Healing body, mind & soul


What is Distance REIKI ?
Please select ONLINE & ZOOM sessions only at this time


LIFE isn't always about feeling good but virtuously.

When we balance need fulfilment we have higher levels of wellbeing to those whose wellbeing is from a selective (compartmentalised) restrictive choice (self determination theory).

Holistic approach to complementary and natural healthcare combines four areas:

As a body mind & spirit coach & healer I integrate various modalities to evoke transformations and generate two key service areas for personal & professional development.

Wellbeing is about the meaning to living a fulfilled and balanced life so don't do anyone else do you!
PHYSICAL - Emotion / Health
FINANCIAL - Security / Wealth

CAREER - Purpose / Passion
RELATIONS - Strengths / Self Care

Amy - Coaching

Stephen is an incredible blend of inspiration, challenge & motivation. He inspires authenticity in his clients, celebrating humanness and achievement in all walks of life. An overall fantastic coach and mentor for his lucky clients.

Zoe Eckett - Reiki

I really enjoyed my reiki session with Stephen. He’s very intuitive and picked up on exactly what I needed to hear, giving me guidance. I highly recommend Thanks Stephen.

Samantha - Reiki

I had a my first Reiki session with Stephen. I wanted help with headaches and his session really helped me and after my session he gave me some amazing insights which I have found very helpful. I would highly recommend Stephen

Shyma - Coaching

I had my first ever life coaching experience with Stephen his connection as well as his empathic and non-judgmental personality made me feel that I was in a safe place and was very helpful for me.

Annette - Intuitive Reading

Stephen is highly intuitive and revealed things I never realised before. Really appreciate his guidance and caring nature

James Patch - Reiki

Stephen definitely has an intuition that can’t be denied. Looking to improve well-being, the session gave me time to reflect, and sense if calm. I immediately felt at ease, and look forward to many more sessions

I could go back in the direction I had come from,
or I could go forward in the direction I intended to go"

Cheryl Strayed & Stephen Ellis Mitch


Wellbeing Coach

Coaching is an opportunity to take time to consider and align with who you are becoming and how that is evolving right here and now.
I am a Co-Active Coach® ACTP

Personal & Professional Development
to Evoke Transformation


Holding Hands


Theta Healing

Clear Anxiety & Stress
Improve Mental Flexibility
Remove Blocks

Stimulate & Release Endorphins
Inperson only


Take My Free Energy Check 

I have created this simple test to provide a mental and emotional check in. This is useful for creating an intention when booking a coaching or healing session. The results are instant and offer an overview of the energy chakra requiring your attention and focus.
(Updated October 2020)

Blog Posts

‘Wellbeing can be understood as how people feel and how they function, both on a personal and a social level, and how they evaluate their lives as a whole.”(New Economics Foundation).

My intention is the awareness that your thoughts can change your life.

My coaching & healing mission inspires from a Psychospiritual approach solutions; body, mind & spirit.

Why Wellbeing Warrior? A mindset, a spirit, a personality, a light warrior is someone who empowers with truth, virtue restoring balance. A warrior's body maybe the weapon, but how that weapon is used depends on the love in their heart and mind of the warrior connecting to their spirit.

Life Manual: Warrior of the Light - Paulo Coehlo
*Dr and Master Sha - Self Healing

Mind & Body Integration​

Inperson, Online, Mobile & Outdoors 
Single, Multi & Combination Sessions

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