Wellbeing Walks
Mindfulness with
Nature Therapy

The effective exercise using the conscious integrating repairing the mind and healing the body. Stress, worry, overwhelm are all triggered within us by external experiences. 

Woodlands, walking trails and reflection with myself as the calm, safe and trusting guide. I am also one with water and so my locations all have lakes, streams or rivers to embody the flow of life and the stillness with which healing flows within us. 
My personal discovery wander lust spirit of adventure has taken me to many places but my favourites have been hiking the cornish coastline, the magnificent giant Redwoods in the Sequoia National Park, the ancient Laurisilva forests (UNESCO) in Madeira & Azores.


Coaching & Healing
Forest Bathing

The Great Outdoors: Pinetum
What To Expect? You will be guided on a gentle walk through the forest trail, I will offer 'invitations' to activities that heighten your sensory awareness. As you step into the moment and feel that deep connection to the natural world, you can expect to gain a sense of peace and balance. These are powerful yet simple ways to alleviate anxiety and depression. I also offer an opportunity for open conversation and active listening where we discover the present moment in all of its wonderment. Perfect for gaining clarity and focus.

Walking is really beneficial to mental health, however should you be managing life moments of stress, tension, life changes they can provide a much needed rest and regroup. I offer 1-1 so they are personal yet collaborative ensuring a self care practice that differs from group yoga or gym classes.
Walking ability 1 - 2 miles easy pace - varied locations either from Wellness Space or local area. 
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Mindful & Wellbeing Walks
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£25 per walk

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