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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings are usually associated with healers, professional readers may also offer services in life coaching, spiritual guidance, energy healing or teaching. We are surrounded by energy and a healer, a lightworker has an integrated understanding on the cause and effect to the dimension or frequency we project to receive. Many are also gifted empaths, sensitives, connecting feelings with emotions depending on what area of specialty they offer.

Every reader will develop their own process however the intentions are all similar.

Our intuition is linked to our spirituality, our soul, our sixth sense. The connection with a universal energy, a universal thought train is and creates a personal and power of now delivery. It is possible for a reader to also have other gifts and or to receive the information in various ways. Clairvoyant, clairaudient, mediumship are examples. The journey life path or soul path is something we can be supported and empowered on. These readings may help extra sensory connections, we feel connected to our own extra sensory information. The gifted intuitive will guide and harness the knowledge to help and support a connecting of the dots for these moments allowing for a healing, a confidence, a sureness, a clarity during a session.

Intuitive readers are not tarot readers, they should not be combined and or blurred. The purpose of a reading is to access and understand to become enlightened and as such can feel quite intimate and sacred. It is always my intention to create and sustain such a blessed collaboration for a feeling of courageousness to make positive steps forward.

I use the Angels & Ancestors card deck for my readings. Book Your Intuitive Reading on wellbeingwarrior.co.uk