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Emotion-Energy in Motion

One of the greatest experiences I believe, as a human being, is the range and depth of our emotions. We must always give ourselves and others permission at every age to express emotions in a responsible way. We are human beings, sensing, feeling, observing and hearing others around us. Our emotions are energy in motion, they require a full freedom for movement in release. It is even possible to release anger in a constructive and positive way.

I advocate developing a practice to release emotions for ourselves by ourselves and not towards or against another person. We should also respect every person releasing the emotion, unconditionally and compassionately hold the space for them. To hold the space relates to being fully present in the moment, an experiential engagement, a selfless act of allowing another person to be. This will allow the feeling/s to be expressed like a wave breaking onto a beach. Being able to hold an emotional space is a skill many humans fail at, choosing instead, through their own discomfort, to initiate a save or a interference. The result is a dis empowering of that person, and keeps some of the emotion unreleased. What drives this come from our ego. To worry or project shame or fear onto a person in an emotional state may cause them to withhold and compartmentalise themselves emotionally throughout their lives. When we suppress our emotions we are likely to manifest depression and anxiety related symptoms.

Five Core Feelings

When we spend time with other humans and animals we may take on, understand and feel their emotions, or choose to collaborate to create an emotional experience. Expressing emotions promotes connection, intimacy and love, dismissing emotions promotes disconnection, distrust and dis-ease.

We are also voyeuristic by nature surrounded by intrusive digital communications media, we are often participating by external manipulations causing triggers and various emotional vibrational states within us. I was once told that it takes more emotional strength to express than repress an emotion, I think that is why I personally enjoy being in the company of humans who emotionally respond to life, films and such. I trust that person over someone who does not express an emotion. I always think of the incredible Pixar film which used the characters as: Joy, sadness, anger, fear & disgust. All emotions are derivations of these are the five core feelings.

Emotions involve different components, such as subjective experience, cognitive processes, expressive behaviour, psych-physiological changes, and instrumental behaviour.

Waves of Emotion

I have always been very emotional, sensitive to energy and my surroundings. I have also, like many others experienced emotions, which at a young age which were not clear for me to translate. They required me, at certain times to develop inner strength, resilience and armour to protect what I felt internally vs what people observed externally. We all do this on some level. We live in a conditioned world where people formulate stereotypes and experiences which promote our own survival judgements. I also like to use the metaphor of the ocean. One day could be a calm sea low tide and another day fierce huge waves, to understand and manage the effects internally is always a work in progress. Everything happens below the surface of the sea, we only see the effects of all of the energy and all of the magnificence. On my best day I gain the powers of beauty, calm and intuition and on a trying day fatigue, confusion and changeable emotional energetic waves. If we split the two parts of our emotions into intelligence and awareness we can create a foundation for learning. I will share this quote to create a compassionate perspective to every learning experience we have.

"When you know better you do better" Maya Angelou

“Emotional intelligence is your ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself and others, and your ability to use this awareness to manage your behavior and relationships.” ― Travis Bradberry, Co-Author Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Top 5 Emotional Awareness Tips

  1. If you ignore your negative emotions, they will return until they have been expressed or create dis-ease.

  2. Emotions serve us as guides to enlightenment. They provide insight from your higher self perspective

  3. Our challenge is the management of our triggers around the waves of emotions we experience

  4. Self awareness is only discovered by allowing our emotional truths to be acknowledged, recognised and expressed

  5. You cannot control only suppress an emotion, how you respond and react is your intelligence & awareness

It is important to grow our awareness of the reactions and how we express/suppress ourselves emotionally. We develop our emotions during our younger years and over time we begin to due to external environments get controlled to reduce and suppress them. Emotions will change unexpectedly and cause surprise, it is always the most beneficial and positive action to share your emotions. Many of us are conditioned to fear negative emotions, yet these are important especially within an intimate relationship. Once we choose to develop and take responsibility for our emotional states/waves we can begin to step into the freedom that emotional awareness brings.

"Our emotions need to be as educated as our intellect. it is important to know how to feel, how to respond, and how to let life in so it can touch you."

- Jim Rohn, Author & Motivational Speaker

As we continue develop faster than ever before as a human race it is when we hide our emotions which becomes our weakness. Knowing who, how and when we express our emotions becomes the opportunity to create healthier choices and more positive life experiences. It is a true sign of leadership for the 21st Century. We can also be aware of our emotional intelligence by understanding how empathetic we are. To gain an understanding on the differences between empathy vs sympathy watch his short clip

Always know you are born of pure positive energy and your emotions are of vital importance because they relay information to promote the development of self. They provide us a contrast, from positive to negative on the emotional scale. When we know what we don’t want we should focus on knowing and moving towards what we do want.

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