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Coaching Balance

I have been co-leading a team for the last three days with twenty seven brave courageous people who showed up to action change in their lives for the future service of others. To participate in their growth and to continue to stretch my own is a connection I have always been excited and passionate about, by myself and in collaboration with others.

Balance coaching is created upon creating new perspectives and creating action plans with accountability. When we follow what is resonant within us our motivation and life choices create our circumstances.

Our environments may often make us forget that we are human beings. I always ground myself in my body with yoga and meditation and breathing techniques, however my minds question is: Who are you being (co) when you are doing (active)?

So...I become present to move out of my own way, it is freedom when we removed solutions without doubt, without fear and without limited belief systems which no longer serve who we are becoming. I know that standing on my feet or my hands, either way I am right and wrong. In the moment this may seem hard and easy to ignore however when we resonate with what we want and lead with our hearts we achieve a balance and achieve so many more fulfilling goals.

Top 6 top tips | Coaching clients to: 1. See from new useful perspectives 2. Act with possibility not impossibility 3. Plan knowing the environment that supports achievement 4. Strategy for affirming action 5. Grow from resonance not dissonance 6. Use structures for sustainable achieving


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