Distance Reiki can be sent to anyone, anywhere and at any time. Please indicate upon booking if you wish to be present (live) or wish to receive only. My process is effectively the same in how I dedicate the session time.

I would always recommend more than one session of Reiki, it is highly recommended to clear and rebalance a 3 session plan should be created. 

Energy healing may take a few minutes or a few hours to integrate changes with your physical, mental and emotional body.  How we choose to be will increase or decrease its effectiveness. My sessions include the setup to set intentions and if in receive only these are done by either telephone or email prior to the session.

Sandy Beach

Conscious Breathing
Distance Reiki (Virtual)

Distance Reiki works on the same principles as an inperson healing treatment. My preparation is the same, I simply adjust the symbols I use during the session and begin with a guided meditation via zoom. For live sessions we will integrate conscious breathing and gentle guidance throughout when required.

Sessions are divinely and intuitively guided and being present in a soothing calming way.

Reiki is energy and is received via the universal source which is in me and you.

It is also possible to combine sessions. Many of my clients find an intuitive reading directly afterwards or within three days especially valuable. Please make me aware of this intention.

To ensure maximum benefits please relax and drink water 30 minutes before the session.
Please do not consume any heavy meals.
Find a space calming and comfortable to receive the energy for balance and harmony.
Everything is created and respected as a sacred time & space.


Health & Wellbeing Benefits of Reiki Sessions

  • Emotional Healing

  • Heart Magnetic Field Healing 

  • Sessions help restore optimum health

  • Helps relaxation for anxiety

  • Clears mental blocks

  • Helps to relieve stress & tension

  • Harmonises Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Grounding our emotions

  • Detoxification of the body

  • Release negative energies.

  • Increases our intuitive sense

  • Aligns us to our life soul path

  • Meditative calms our nervous systems